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All photos presented are low resolution and watermarked for security.

Body Portrait photography showcases one's form as beauty.  During your session, we will create unique and memorable photos for you.  Your comfort during the shoot is one of our priorities!  If at any time during the session you become uneasy to continue, the session will end!  A photo session averages about 90 - 120 minutes and can produce 250 - 500 images.  At your request, hair & make-up services can be provided for an additional fee, dependant on availability of provider.  Are you unsure/uncomfortable, or still on the fence about a shoot?  Schedule a studio visit and see the process before hand.

The human body is the greatest canvas that an artist can work with.  As a photographer, I paint the body with light.  As with most art, appreciation is not always immediate.  It may not be appreciated by all, but hmy hope is that it will be appreciated by most.

My ego is just big enough to think that "my way is the right way", but not so big as not to entertain an idea or two from you during your shoot.  My vision for your shoot may not seem immediate to you while being shot, but once you look at the finished product work, you'll understand.

Sitting fees are $100 and includes your choice of (2) 8 x 10 prints.  A sitting produces an average of 250 - 500 shots.  A session can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.  After the shoot, all photos are uploaded to this website where you will need to create a log-in and password to privately view your photos.  Review and choose photos from the album at your leisure.  Photo pricing is available during photo review.

Also available is a "portrait sitting" option. A fee of $50.00 covers the sitting and (1) 8 X 10. This is a "one photo" option!  No selection choices.

For event/location shoots (which include 7 free 8 x 10 prints), my fee's are as follows: Baptismals, birthdays and such are $250 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.  Additional prints can be ordered seperately after album review.  Prices for the most popular sizes are

4 x 6 = $2.00, 5 x 7 = $3 and 8 x 10 = $5.00 unless otherwise noted.

I operate my studio as professionally as if I were paid the same as Warren Buffett. With that said, when you set an appointment, PLEASE make every effort to be on time.  Using Waze or Mapquest?  Add 5 to 10 minutes just to be safe!   After 30 seconds, your appointment is cancelled and you will need to re-book. Sittings can be done in my home studio, your home, or in the great outdoors.

My studio hours are 12 - 9pm Monday - Thursday & 12 - 7pm  Friday.  Saturdays are by paid appt. only.

FOR MY MODEL FRIENDS: I am available Mon - Sat.  I provide you with (1) 8 x 10 prints (selected by me) for a discounted rate of $50 per shoot.  You must have an established (1 year) social media following to qualify.  In some cases, I will request a meetup prior to the shoot so that we may both get a chance to understand what it is that you are looking for or expecting from the shoot.  Additional prints may be purchased seperately and are as listed! 4 x 6 = $2.00, 5 x 7 = $3.00 and 8 x 10's = $5.00.

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